Skilled Handling Of Contentious Child Custody Matters

At Ordway Law Group, LLC, we understand that matters involving your children are of the highest priority during your divorce. And when it comes to discussions of child custody, our lawyers know that you need a strong legal advocate to help you protect your parental rights.

Under the direction of noted attorney William Ordway, our Georgia law firm is well-known for helping parents achieve their child custody goals, while at the same time upholding the best interests of the children. We understand what is at stake for you. While skilled at negotiation, our attorneys are always ready to fight for your interests in court if necessary.

The Legal Strength You Need In Child Custody Matters

With a combined 45 years of experience, our lawyers have the necessary insight and skill to address a wide range of custody issues, including:

  • Physical custody: where the children will reside for the majority of the time
  • Legal custody: responsibility for making educational, medical and religious decisions involving the children
  • Parenting time/visitation: a set schedule for the time each parent will spend with the children
  • Move-aways: when the primary physical custodian seeks to relocate with the children
  • Custody modifications: when a significant change in circumstances warrants a reconsideration of the initial custody order
  • Guardian ad litem: independent representation for a child or children in highly contested custody cases

The Road To Resolution In Child Custody Matters

It is widely held that children should have frequent and meaningful contact with both parents after a divorce, unless extenuating circumstances would make it harmful or dangerous to do so. With this in mind, our law firm is dedicated to helping you find the best solutions for you and your family. Due to the superior negotiation and mediation skills of our legal team, we are able to resolve the majority of child custody matters without the need for a costly and emotionally draining trial.

However, as experienced lawyers, we understand that not all matters can be resolved amicably without litigation. Our attorneys are fully equipped to provide aggressive courtroom advocacy to obtain favorable solutions when needed.

Lawyers Looking Out For You And Your Children

With a focus on professionalism, integrity and results, our law firm is ready to help you resolve your complex divorce issues. Contact us at 800-509-2718 to discuss your specific case with one of our Atlanta child custody attorneys.