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On again, off again celebrity divorces

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Although Hollywood actors may not always make the best role models, their divorce proceedings often can provide certain lessons to Georgia readers.

Take the case of Dennis Quaid. According to recent reports, the actor and his estranged wife have reconciled for the second time. However, their timing may be a bit tardy, as sources believe that the couple had already signed their divorce documents. If the judge has not also signed the papers, then the couple may be able to simply withdraw their request via a written stipulation. Their legal fees are probably not refundable, however.

But perhaps those fees went to a good purpose. At least one study has suggested that meeting with a divorce attorney can serve as a catalyst for frank discussions that might actually repair a damaged marriage. It may even motivate couples to get married a second time, as in the case of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton.

In other cases, a meeting with a divorce attorney might prompt troubled couples to enter into a postnuptial agreement. Such an agreement can address the topics that will come up in a divorce, such as property division, child support and custody, alimony and retirement accounts.

Finalizing the terms in a postnuptial contract might help spouses to approach their marriage in a new way. For example, spouses might entertain having separate bank accounts and perhaps come up with creative ways to share the decision-making responsibilities regarding children and other obligations. By understanding the process involved in dissolving a marriage, couples can be assured that their decision to stay invested in a relationship is voluntary — and mutual.

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