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Georgia couples may want to consider a prenuptial agreement

On Behalf of | Jul 23, 2013 | Prenuptial Agreements |

Georgia couples looking to marry may want to look into a prenuptial agreement. Some people may hesitate to consider such an agreement for several reasons. A recent article pointed out how a prenuptial agreement can actually be helpful in multiple situations despite some common misconceptions.

Some couples simply may not understand what a prenuptial agreement actually does. It’s not only for the wealthy looking to protect their assets. It can cover many topics and items other than just money. It can also be a tool used for couples to discuss future decisions they may not have thought about yet. If the couple already owns a pet together, who will receive custody of the animal can be put in the agreement as well.

For couples that are marrying later in life, it can be a good way to protect not only their finances, but their household items as well. If a person has some heirlooms or items they want handed down to their children or other family members rather than their future spouse that can be included as well. While some people may see this as not trusting their future spouse, it can actually be helpful when moving forward and in the event of a death make things much easier on all parties involved.

Any Georgia couple interested in pursuing the possibility of a prenuptial agreement could benefit from looking into the appropriate state laws. Having an understanding of what to expect may make the process easier for both parties. With the proper knowledge a couple can be hopeful they can come to an agreement and receive a positive outcome.

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