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Georgia residents may take interest in Broadway stars’ divorce

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Georgia residents that keep up with any type of media outlet may have heard about a recent divorce involving two Broadway stars. While no one is immune from divorce, public figures seem to be the most publicized. Any resident going through a divorce may have an interest in such stories.

Steven Pasquale and Laura Benanti have been married for almost six years. It has been announced that the two have amicably split. Although it is possible for a couple to make the divorce process easier when they can agree on things, not every divorce that starts friendly ends the same way. Emotions can rise and when it comes down to it, money or other meaningful items such as the marital home or even pets can become an issue.

Aside from Broadway, the two have each appeared on separate television shows. Benanti won a Tony award for her role on a popular television show. When two wealthy people are facing divorce, money can certainly become an issue. It was not known if the two had a prenuptial agreement in place.

Any Georgia resident facing divorce may want to take a proactive approach and research their rights under the state laws. If a couple has children, that is an area a person may want to look into as well. Different states have different requirements regarding child custody. It can be important to know that information when moving forward. By having an understanding of a person’s rights, it can help make an emotional time easier to process.

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