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Georgia couples could benefit from a prenuptial agreement

On Behalf of | Sep 11, 2013 | Prenuptial Agreements |

Georgia residents getting married may or may not be considering a prenuptial agreement. Some couples feel as if a prenuptial agreement isn’t romantic, it can in fact be a loving act. While some may not think they need one, a recent article pointed out several reasons why even those that may not think it is necessary could benefit.

While there are several reasons a couple could benefit from a prenuptial agreement, financial reasons are typically at the top of the list. If a person already has investments they would like to protect, an agreement could certainly help. It can also be a useful tool for couples to have a financial guideline. Some decisions such as a joint or a separate bank account is just one thing that can be outlined. Not only can this help a person protect their financial future in the case of a divorce, but it can help a couple get started with their marriage.

If a person is going into their second or maybe even a third marriage, a prenuptial agreement could help a person help protect their family members as well as themselves. If a person has children from a prior marriage, a prenuptial agreement can help protect any assets that are to be left to the children. This can help both partners to feel comfortable entering the marriage knowing that both families are taken care of should the marriage dissolve.

Any Georgia resident planning to get married may want to research the many benefits of a prenuptial agreement. Having an understanding of all of the things that can be included and the positive outcome that can be achieved can help a person realize that it is a positive act. With the proper understanding, a couple can determine the best way to proceed.

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