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Georgia parents: is your parenting time at risk?

On Behalf of | Sep 4, 2013 | Child Custody |

Parenting time can be difficult to mediate during a divorce, but can be of even more importance once the divorce or separation of parents becomes final. A recent article discussed how media can impact parenting time long after the separation of parents has taken place. Georgia parents may find this information useful.

While it may be true that a change in living situations can impact a child, it has also been shown that the time parents spend with their child is critical. According to recent surveys, parents are often multitasking on mobile phones, tablets, or other devices rather than interacting with their children. This can be particularly harmful to children who spend time in more than one household, as they are more likely to not receive one-on-one time with either parent.

The article also pointed out that technology could be used by a parent to take away time from another parent. In some cases, a parent will text or call the child during the other parents’ time to intentionally interrupt or distract the child from time with their parent. If a parent feels this could be an issue in their particular situation, they may want to make sure this is discussed during the initial paperwork so that ground rules could be put in place.

Any Georgia parent who is facing a situation that they feel could impact their parenting time may benefit from knowing their rights under the applicable state laws. With an understanding of what each parent is entitled to, a parent can hopefully learn the best way to move forward. Having the proper knowledge can help a parent feel more hopeful a positive outcome can be achieved.

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