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Georgia man questions alimony amount

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2013 | Alimony |

Georgia divorces that have been ordered to pay alimony sometimes feel as if the amount they have been ordered to pay is unfair. One recent article focused on some of the issues that could arise if an individual decides to take a lower-paying job than they held when alimony was awarded. The particular situation discussed involved a man that has been ordered to pay alimony and works on commission.

The man currently pays 32.5 percent of his commission-based paycheck to his ex-wife. He has been offered a new position that would be a salary-based position and now faces a challenge regarding the amount he would have to pay his ex-wife. The article pointed out that his ex-wife could file a claim with the court that might argue he took a lower-paying position to avoid his alimony obligation.

Although the position may pay less in the beginning, the man feels his long-term success and stock options are both reasons to potentially make the switch. His stock options were brought up from an alimony standpoint as well. While his ex-wife has no right to his stock options, they could possibly be factored into his alimony amount. What was written out as the bottom line is that in the worst-case scenario, the court could order the man to continue to pay the 32.5 percent of what he is currently making, which means although his income would change, his payment amount would not.

Georgia residents facing alimony troubles could benefit from understanding the applicable state laws. In a situation such as this, the man can research and understand all available options before moving forward with his final decision. Knowing one’s rights and what they can potentially gain or lose in such a situation can prove beneficial as the person moves forward with any action deemed appropriate.

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