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Georgia residents paying alimony may need to keep records

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2013 | Alimony |

Alimony is a topic that many individuals don’t fully understand and it can also be very controversial. While many states are fighting to stop permanent alimony, those that are currently paying it may still have questions. A recent question brought to the attention of many might interest Georgia residents.

A man stated that he is ordered to pay alimony in the amount of $900 a week to his ex-wife and in addition to his alimony payments, he oftentimes pays her mortgage so his three children will have a place to live. His ex-wife has primary custody of the children. The alimony payment was based on his job including overtime and detail income. Following an injury, he has no longer been able to pay that amount. The man’s question was if the house payments he has made can count toward the alimony he owns.

Unfortunately for this gentleman, his generosity does not count toward his alimony payments. Therefore, the court will still expect him to pay the already ordered $900 a week that he missed. Although, he had good intentions, this will still ultimately cost him in the long run.

Any Georgia resident that has been ordered to pay alimony could benefit from understanding the laws surrounding their court order. It can also be important for a person to document the amounts they have paid as well as when. By understanding one’s obligation and keeping good records, they can protect themselves in the event the case ends up back in court.

Source: Boston Herald, Paying ex’s bills doesn’t excuse alimony, Gerald Nissenbaum, Nov. 17, 2013

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