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Khloe Kardashian involved in high net worth divorce

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Divorces can at times get ugly and complicated. For the average person, they are usually personal and most details are limited to a few friends or family members. For a celebrity involved in a high net worth divorce, this is not typically the case, especially in today’s society where news is instantly published for millions to read via social media. Georgia residents may have been following the rumors and now announcement of the divorce involving Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom.

The two have been married for four years and do not have any children as a result of the marriage. The two were married very quickly after they started dating in a large ceremony that was aired by E! Network. Neither is unaccustomed to the television time. Odom is a professional basketball player while Kardashian is best known for a reality television show.

Odom was recently involved in a DUI that sparked rumors of alleged drug use as well. Although he did not admit to any use, he admitted via Twitter he had been through a rough patch and that Kardashian’s family were the only ones that had stood behind him. It is unknown if any of these things will play a part in their divorce. It was not mentioned if the two had a prenuptial agreement.

Georgia residents that are facing a high net worth divorce such as this one may benefit from taking quick action and understanding the best way to protect their assets. Even if a prenuptial agreement is in place, it can be important for a person to make sure all assets are included in that agreement and, if not, determine the best way to protect those additional assets. With an understanding of the applicable laws, a person can be confident they will receive the best possible outcome.

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