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Social media often a factor in Georgia divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 5, 2013 | Property Division |

The Internet has brought about vast change in the manner in which we reach out and communicate with others. In just one generation, we have experienced a shift in which virtually any piece of information is immediately available, and where connecting with old friends or making new connections is as simple as a few clicks. While the Internet has undoubtedly led to improvements in many aspects of modern life, there is also a downside to this increased connectivity. For many Georgia couples, going online can lead to marital strife and sometimes, divorce.

Social media is the primary culprit in the demise of many marriages. The ability to reconnect with people from our past is a tempting prospect. Old flames are easy to track down, and striking up a conversation with one’s high school love is far less intimidating from the comfort of one’s home office than it would be on the street.

In many cases, interactions with people from the past begin in a purely innocent manner. However, the sense of anonymity brought on by online communications can easily lead people to shift toward less appropriate topics and interactions. Many spouses use these types of online relationships to vent about problems with their marriage, or to serve as a source of attention or validation from someone other than their spouse. While not every online relationship will cross over into a physical act of infidelity, many spouses view any secret relationship outside of marriage as a betrayal.

When an online relationship leads to divorce, the party who discovered the situation must be careful to react in a manner that is rational and considered. The reasons behind a divorce play virtually no role in the divorce process itself. Those who are unable to move beyond their anger, hurt and bitterness can have difficulty remaining focused throughout the divorce process. This is a time in which important decisions must be made, and the outcome will affect one’s financial standing for many years to come. Moving through a Georgia divorce with a clear head is the best possible course of action, regardless of why the marriage is coming to an end.

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