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Understanding divorce from a judge’s point of view

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Many Georgia spouses who are preparing to divorce have a set of expectations about the process and how it will move forward. In some cases, these beliefs are far from accurate, and can lead to negative outcomes. One example lies in the belief that most cases are litigated in front of a family court judge. In reality, the majority of divorces are settled between parties using the services of divorce attorneys, and never go in front of a judge.

Avoiding divorce hearings is a good thing, and spouses who can place themselves in the shoes of a family court judge will quickly understand why. Judges are tasked with hearing one divorce case after another, and they often follow a very predictable path. Imagine having to revisit the same issues, day in and day out, for years. Taking this view, it is no wonder that many family courts have no patience with spouses who cannot reach an agreement on basic issues and who want to hash out the minor details of their split in front of a judge.

Family court dockets are perennially full, and divorcing couples are given very little time in court to present their legal arguments. In the end, a judge often makes rulings that are in line with previous decisions made from the same bench. In this manner, couples can end up with a divorce judgment that is far less suitable to their needs than an agreement they could have reached on their own.

In addition, the cost of litigating a divorce can quickly become unmanageable, and can significantly deplete marital assets. Spouses can emerge from the process not only unsatisfied with the outcome, but with far less divided wealth than they could have obtained from a less contentious path to divorce. Georgia residents should give serious consideration to their divorce options before choosing a path that leads directly to a courtroom.

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