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Shared parenting may be the most beneficial form of child custody

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2014 | Child Custody |

Child custody may be a difficult area to agree on for some couples facing a divorce or breakup. Divorces involving children can create a high level stress and difficulty for many parents. Georgia couples may be interested in a recent article that discusses why joint custody may be a good option for many parents.

Research has shown that both children and their parents may benefit from the parental time being divided equally. Children who are able to learn from each of their supportive and capable parents may be able to better flourish in the long run. Shared parenting can be even more beneficial when both the parents can communicate, cooperate and have similar rules. This arrangement can help a child have a sense of stability even when he or she is not living with both parents.

Joint child custody can also directly help the parents. Researchers are noticing that parents who are able to share custody are less hostile toward each other. Parents are more likely to feel needed and involved with their children, rather than just sending a check every month, if they get to spend more time with them. Having parents that get along can improve a child’s quality of life.

Any Georgia parent that is going through a divorce involving children may have questions and concerns about child custody. By acquiring an understanding of the laws applicable to his or her situation, a parent may be taking a critical step toward obtaining the results that he or she is hoping for. While child custody battles can be emotional for all parties involved, they can result in a better future for both the children and parents.

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