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Separating emotions from divorce: Advice for Georgia couples

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Individuals who have ended their marriage know that it is an emotional time. In fact, emotions can often make divorce more acrimonious, expensive and complicated than it needs to be. Georgia couples may not find it easy to set emotions aside, but divorce is above all a legal transaction. It is important to approach it with a clear head and an open mind.

Many decisions must be made during the divorce process. To make this easier, the couple may benefit from thinking about and discussing all of the possible resolutions to each of their issues, instead of each spouse being committed to his or her first ideas. This approach can help each spouse make better decisions. Stopping to evaluate emotions before making any decisions can help each spouse determine if his or her thought process is calm and rational.

Divorce is, of course, only temporary. Each spouse may benefit from thinking about what goals he or she would like to accomplish both during and after the divorce. This may help him or her focus on priorities and the bigger picture rather than getting caught up in some of the smaller, less important details.

It is normal for anyone going through a divorce to experience a wide range of emotions. While it may not be easy to separate feelings from the legal process of divorce, doing so may make a big difference in how each spouse is able to get through it and move on. Georgia couples may find it beneficial to speak to an understanding and objective third party as they try to make decisions and work through the process.

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