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Bethenny turns down $10 million demand to settle divorce

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Sometimes a celebrity divorce provides examples of some contentious issues that are fairly common. One such divorce is that of celebrity Bethenny Frankel, who has been in an acrimonious dispute with her spouse, businessman Jason Hoppy for the past 15 months. Some of the issues raised are instructive for those seeking a divorce in Georgia, and anywhere else for that matter.

Frankel is a former reality star on Housewives of New York and most recently hosted her own talk show along with her own reality series. She created a business called Skinnygirl cocktails in 2011 and sold it within a year for $100 million. She married Hoppy in March 2010 and separated from him in Dec. 2012.

It has recently been reported that Hoppy made an offer to settle for payment to him of $10 million. Inside observers report that she is outraged that he could be asking for so much, and she has reportedly dismissed the offer out of hand. However, Hoppy claims to have assisted her extensively in developing the Skinnygirl brand during the marriage and up until the sale of the product, which he claims justifies his demand.

He has communicated also that he’s willing to share custody of their three-year-old daughter. Additionally, Hoppy displayed the degree of his own recalcitrance by refusing to leave the couple’s New York townhouse, where they were living with their child despite being technically separated. She apparently retained physical custody when she moved out.

In Georgia and everywhere else, where one spouse has assets and income that far overshadow those of the other spouse, the wealthier spouse will generally be compelled to remunerate the other one in a divorce settlement. The main exception to that general rule is where the parties may have a prenuptial agreement, which is not the case between Frankel and Hoppy. If a settlement is not achieved, one repercussion could be a request to the court for spousal support made by Hoppy against Frankel.

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