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Social media prenuptial agreement becomes new trend

On Behalf of | Jun 20, 2014 | Prenuptial Agreements |

Social media has been used to break up friendships. It’s also been used to break up marriages. Most people in Georgia have likely heard of prenuptial agreements. However, now there’s a new trend among people who are about to get married — getting a social media prenuptial agreement.

A traditional prenuptial agreement allows two parties, before they’re married, to jointly decide how they would like their property and assets split if they later get divorced. The benefit of a prenuptial agreement is that it helps to protect one’s individual assets in the event of divorce and can make the divorce process go more smoothly. If someone breaks the agreement, the penalty is typically monetary.

The new social media prenuptial agreement details what both parties can and can’t do on social media. For instance, they may agree not to post embarrassing pictures that may harm the other party’s reputation and even cause an unintended job loss. These prenups aren’t just for well-known couples or celebrities. They can be used by anyone, particularly those with a business built upon the individual’s personal brand. For instance, a doctor or an interior designer may benefit from this type of agreement.

It’s wise for a couple to discuss their expectations of each other prior to getting married and to create a prenuptial agreement if they deem it necessary. However, even if it’s too late to put together a prenuptial agreement in Georgia, the couple can still try to reach an agreement on how they’ll divide their shared assets through divorce negotiations. If there is no mutual understanding between the two, a judge will typically make the final asset and property division decisions for them.

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