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Assets to include in Georgia divorce settlements

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When a couple in Georgia chooses to end their marriage, there are obvious financial decisions that must be made, including child support and property division. However, the divorce process can be more complex for higher income couples. Some people may mistakenly overlook several key assets or negotiating points while dividing their property.

First, it is important to attempt to remove emotions from such proceedings. While going through a divorce can be an emotional struggle, bringing those emotions into divorce proceedings could lead to illogical decisions and long, lengthy negotiations. Part of adequately dividing assets requires clear-headed thing.

In some cases where one spouse has an interest in a company or business, it may be necessary to seek assistance from those with experience with valuing a business. It is likely difficult for one spouse to determine the value of the other’s partnership interest in a law firm, for example. Additionally, overlooking a life insurance policy could also leave money on the table. Many couples hold a great deal of assets in such a policy. Last, an affluent couple will likely need to account for lifestyle, especially if one spouse is a significantly higher earner than the other.

Most who make the decision to divorce in Georgia will likely say that the decision, while emotionally stressful at the time, was the best one for their personal situation. To get through the proceedings, most people will likely want an experienced attorney by their side. Someone with such experience can help their clients seek the best possible outcome in their case.

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