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Keep mood positive even if divorce clouds the holiday season

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2014 | Alimony |

Being in a divorce, or facing an impending one, are challenging situations during the holiday season. Memories can fill the air, and changes in lifestyle can be even more stressful during this extra-sensitive time of the year. Georgia residents and others in a divorce mode can take some comfort from the suggestions below.

With proper planning, focus, and some level-headed action you can end the year in good shape and face the new year with renewed vigor and a fortified sense of direction. For those with children, take care of visitation schedules and logistics far enough in advance so that your holidays are not marred by time-consuming bickering. If there are potential problems in your arrangement, take them up with the former spouse with a good faith effort to resolve issues.

Where disputes appear to be unmanageable, contact your attorney and explain the problem. You may be able to get a quick resolution. Even if you agree on small patches to hold the situation together, this will generally turn out better than trying to engage in war tactics during a normally festive time of year. Also, remember that it’s best to be totally transparent and sincere with the other spouse.

You’ll learn that in custody and visitation situations, selfishness must be traded in for selflessness. The good of the children will be primary, and deceptive or highly aggressive posturing will be counter-productive. If you have to sacrifice on a certain point, know that it will come back to you in positive ways later.

Consult with your Georgia divorce attorney on issues that may be wearing you down. Prepare your strategy for 2015 with him or her, and a financial consultant if you have one. Get your mind cleared up and the cobwebs brushed away by having the knowledge, procedures and goals in place to maximize your efforts ahead. And by all means, enjoy your family and friends during the holidays, knowing that the future will bring new and promising beginnings.

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