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Some reasons why divorce may be the right answer

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A loving marital bond can be challenged by obstacles, but when the bond is strong enough the couple may find ways to work things out and stay together. In many instances, however, the tie that binds has broken. In such cases, a divorce may in fact be the correct decision, according to one prominent clinical psychologist and relationship expert. For those in Georgia and elsewhere who are having an internal struggle on the subject, her article in The Huffington Post may give some aid to action.

First, it may be helpful to take a look and see whether one is harboring fantasy thoughts that the marriage will get better. In some cases, that may be realistic. But otherwise, eternal hope can be the wrong sentiment in a hopelessly broken relationship. Surprisingly, many people get an uplifting feeling of relief, release and freedom when they agree to give up the false clinging to a demised marriage.

The myth that the children will benefit by staying together has great power, but it has also resulted in untold harm to children traumatized by a conflict-ridden relationship. Children tend to deeply internalize the heart wrenching drama, and they become traumatized. They could benefit instead by seeing their parents act decisively to give themselves a new start toward happiness.

Negative relationships can take a toll on a spouse’s health. When the relationship is seen to generate nothing but stress, arguments, conflict and opposing positions, there may be no room for improvement. At that point, an individual’s health can take a downward unhealthy spiral.

When it is discovered that the marriage has hit a dead-end path to nowhere, whether in Georgia or elsewhere, one has the right to go after a more fulfilling relationship. At that point, it’s best to stop worrying about what may lie ahead and go forward with faith that a divorce will only make things better. Additionally, there’s little benefit in clinging to a relationship simply because of fear of grieving the loss of something in the past. If the beauty of the relationship has indeed  passed by, the grieving for it will also naturally pass

Source: The Huffington Post, “Top 5 Reasons Why Divorce Is An Option“, Jill P. Weber, Dec. 22, 2014

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