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New Year resolutions may include filing for divorce

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The new year sparks people in Georgia and countrywide to make resolutions. The thought of making the same mistakes in the new year, or of remaining in the throes of bad habits and destructive dynamics, motivates people. It marks a chance to take decisive action toward substantial change. The principle applies fairly significantly to the filing of new divorce actions.  

In fact, family law lawyers know that their divorce caseloads will increase in January of each year. The increase generally continues or at least remains constant into the summer months. The phenomenon seems to be related to the psychological connotations carried by the beginning of a new year.

It seems that people are wrapped up for months in activities demanding full attention, beginning with the school year and preparations for it that start even earlier, in the summer years. That is followed by the fall season holidays, leading up to the December events, and a new calendar year. As a practical matter, it’s the first point of focus that many people can contemplate after the passage of that inter-tangled series of activities.

The intensity of the holidays, along with the fact of loneliness and immobility experienced by some of those in shattered relationships, can stimulate a person to action. Whatever the reasons boil down to, it’s a fact that this syndrome occurs each year. One should never, however, rush into a premature or ill-advised decision based on the trend chosen by others.

In Georgia as well as anywhere else, it’s important to move forward with knowledge and a clear sense of resolve. If a person is not ready to make the decision for divorce at the crack of dawn on Jan. 2, it may indeed be a good time to get a consultation with a divorce and family law attorney for the purpose of getting all lingering questions answered. It’s a good time to become informed — an informed person will have greater assurance that the decision is based on solid thinking and not on emotional weaknesses.

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