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Quick divorce after marriage may have several causes

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One of the more puzzling phenomena is the surprisingly short-lived marriage, i.e., the one that doesn’t even make it out of the first year. It’s often difficult to understand such an abrupt change by two people who were so recently head-over-heels in love. It is generally recognized that early romanticism must commonly give way to the realities of day-to-day living and surviving. That dynamic, however, does not adequately explain why some marriages, nationally and in Georgia, proceed straight to divorce court within months of the wedding vows.

According to a recent Ask Reddit online discussion, there seems to be a host of reasons for an early divorce. For one thing, some people may not get to know the other person deeply until they actually live together, pay bills together and face all of the other duties of marital life. According to one therapist, who authored a book on finding love after divorce, some people may hide their fears and doubts, while rationalizing that things will improve later.

When two spouses begin to realize their basic incompatibility, divorce is not far behind. There could be an acute traumatic event, such as finding the partner cheating with someone else, that turns on the lights. Sometimes there is no insightful trigger, and the parties more gradually confirm their lingering suspicions of a big mistake being made.

Occasionally, one spouse undergoes a rapid transformation, without prior warning, into a life of alcoholism and/or drug addiction. When he or she invests in an excessive substance abuse pathology, there is often little remaining chance for reconciliation. Such a complete turnaround can occur at any time, including right after the marriage ceremony.

Perhaps one lesson to be learned  is that marriage should be entered into only after due deliberation and a tough, hard look at the totality of the circumstances. That perspective, however, can apply to all marriages, not just the ones that fizzle in the first year. If a Georgia resident is confronting an early divorce situation, it may be best to take that as a sign that better days, and a more meaningful life, are lying just ahead. 

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