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Emotions and divorce decisions do not go hand in hand

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A Georgia resident initiating or contemplating a divorce may want to keep in mind that it is a time to keep one’s emotions in check. There are too many important decisions during a divorce, and they require a cool head. One author of self-help books for women going through a high net worth divorce recommends that his readers not get carried away in a sea of emotions just because it’s now the season of valentines and romance.

He recommends instead that women think financially and not emotionally during the divorce process. All things considered, the advice could be well-taken by men also. Divorce is known to be associated with unleashed emotions, which have a notorious reputation for helping people to make the wrong decisions most of the time.

The primary goal is to secure the best financial settlement possible, along with the equally important issues of custody and visitation of minor children. There are some general tips that some people may find helpful. First, think about getting an understanding and compassionate therapist to help get through the trauma and stay above the fray of emotions.

Next, get educated about the principles and procedures that are involved. Learn the rules of property division and other important aspects of the divorce process. The more knowledge a person has about the process can only help to keep him or her in control and not overwhelmed. For starters, find out whether the state is an equitable property distribution state or a community property state. In a community property state, all marital property is divided equally.

However, most states, including Georgia, follow some form of the equitable distribution format for dividing property. In those states, the court ultimately uses its discretion to determine a property division plan that is “fair and equitable” under the circumstances. There is a list of factors in each state that the court is directed to consider. Equitable distribution contemplates that the division does not have to be made on a 50-50 basis: it may be divided in any other portion if necessary to satisfy the equitable considerations of Georgia divorce law.

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