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Legal and physical custody are important parental rights

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A divorce has a big impact on all members of an Atlanta family. While the adults in the group may be focused on meeting the procedural requirements of ending their marriage, the children in the family may have concerns over how their lives will be impacted by their parents’ separation. At the cross-section of divorce and kids is the important topic of child custody, and this post will briefly review the two main forms of custody that parents may fight for when their marriages end.

Physical custody is the form of child custody that most people are familiar with. It is the form of custody that gives a parent the right to have their child live with them in their home. A parent with physical custody is responsible for the day-to-day tasks of raising their child when the child is with them; a parent who does not gain physical custody during their divorce may secure visitation rights with their child.

Legal custody is just as important as physical custody. This is because it allows a parent to stay involved in making decisions about their children’s lives. For example, a parent who has legal custody of their child can have a say in where the child goes to school and if the child is raised in a particular faith or church. When a parent lacks legal custody of their child then their preferences regarding important decisions for their kids may be ignored.

Protecting a parent’s rights during a divorce should be a priority for them and their legal team. The preservation of legal and physical custody of a child in a parent can help both the adult and youth transition out of divorce with their relationship intact and the parent’s rights in place.

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