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Use the electronic paper trail to find hidden divorce assets

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It is often the case that when two Georgia residents decide to marry that they find in each other redeeming qualities that they want to nurture. They may trust each other’s judgment and may respect each other’s opinions; after their wedding and during the course of their marriage they may continue to value each other’s positive qualities and have faith that each is acting for the benefit of the other.

Sadly, though, this is not always the truth. Particularly when it comes to financial matters, partners in marriages may hide, conceal and otherwise obscure assets, items of wealth and other accounts from each other out of the hope that they may maintain them for themselves in the event the marriages end in divorce.

During a divorce the partners to the ending marriage are required to account for all of their assets so that a settlement of their marital and separate property may be made. Hidden assets, such as those discussed above, are required to be made known to both of the parties so that they may be appropriately distributed. A party who suspects that their spouse is hiding assets may want to expose their deceit but on their own may not know how to track down those items that are unknown to the court.

This is where forensic accounting can come into play during the divorce process. Forensic accounting uses documentation and investigation to illuminate the murky path to hidden assets that some try to keep from their spouses and provides courts with a true clear picture of what the parties actually possess.

Not all law firms are equipped to support their clients with forensic accounting, but the Ordway Law Group includes this important divorce accounting practice in its Atlanta-based office. To learn more about forensic accounting and the other complex divorce services offered by the firm, readers may visit the Ordway Law Group online.

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