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Be prepared for mediation in child custody cases

On Behalf of | Jul 25, 2018 | Child Custody |

Child custody cases are often resolved much faster when the parents put their differences aside and work together to come up with the terms. This is sometimes done without the need for a third-party mediator; however, it is nice to know that a mediator is there when you need one.

No matter how you are going to work out these matters, you need to go into the process prepared for what is going to happen. It might help you out if you go over the possible issues that will need to be discussed.

There are a few that all parents should be prepared to discuss. These include what type of parenting style is going to be followed and what the schedule will be. These have to be based on the circumstances of your case and must put your child first. We can help you evaluate the options that you have for each decision you have to make.

As you are thinking about things like the parenting time schedule, including holidays, summer and the school year, make sure that you are considering what your child needs and not what is best for you. Of course, you probably want your child with you on the major holidays. If your ex’s family does their big celebration on Christmas Day and your family celebrates on Christmas Eve, it might be best to let your child enjoy the corresponding day with each family.

The money matters are another big concern in these cases. The state has a child support formula; however, you and your ex might need to decide on points like who is going to pay for extracurricular activities, school costs and out-of-pocket medical expenses. Having this all in writing can help you tremendously.

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