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Long-distance parenting is possible despite challenges

On Behalf of | Aug 19, 2018 | Child Custody |

A long-distance relationship with your children isn’t an ideal situation. You must ensure that you are making an effort to nourish your relationship with them. This might be a complex undertaking. However, it is possible for you to do this.

This type of situation is going to require that both parents work together for the child’s good. This might be difficult, especially when the divorce is contentious. Both parents should remember that the child’s needs must come first.

When you are facing this prospect, technology might become your best friend. You can use virtual visitation options such as video chatting to keep in touch with your children. This lets you communicate face-to-face with them despite the distance.

Coming up with a schedule for virtual visits may be difficult. The time zone where the child is must be the basis for the schedule. There might be times, such as if you are halfway around the world, when your visits with the children occur during the middle of the night so they are during the day for the child.

Remember that virtual visits don’t take the place of in-person visits. You should make an effort to see your children every chance you can. Often, the summer months are ideal for more time together since the child likely won’t be in school.

Whatever you and your co-parent agree to about handling a long-distance situation should be put into the child custody agreement. This should be outlined as fully as possible while still leaving some room for flexibility. It is possible to modify the agreement if the circumstances change, such as if you move back to the area where your children live.

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