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Consistency is 1 goal of parenting plans in child custody cases

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2018 | Child Custody |

Child custody cases are often challenging to work through. Since you and your ex aren’t getting along very well due to the divorce, it might be hard to come up with resolutions the matters in the custody case. As you are working through this, you must remember to keep your children’s interests first.

There are many different components of a parenting plan. When you are trying to work through these, consider what is best for the current situation. What you need to include in your plan isn’t going to mirror what another person had to include in theirs.

We know that you might not feel like you have the stamina and time to deal with the decisions that have to be made. When you are going through mediation, remember that the sooner you have things done, the sooner your child can begin to enjoy the stability that comes with having these orders in place.

Even if you have a temporary parenting plan, there is a chance that it won’t be the same as the permanent plan. Children, especially young children, need to have consistency. If you and your ex can co-parent and keep major rules the same in both houses, you might find that your kids reap considerable benefits. We can help you try to find resolutions to the issues that might be challenging during this process.

The parenting plan that you create now might not work forever. As children grow, their needs might change. When this happens, we can work with you to try to get a modification of the order so that the new needs are all addressed.

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