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Keep the drama at bay with divorce mediation

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Divorce drama is not exclusive to angry and bitter couples in Atlanta. It plays a role in many divorce cases, regardless of economic status. You see and hear about how celebrity and wealthy couples fight tooth and nail over every single issue to keep their partners from getting what is rightfully theirs according to the laws of equitable distribution. 

Each marriage and dissolution are different. There will always be similarities, but it is usually more beneficial to both parties to negotiate and work together towards resolution than it is to fight it out in divorce court. If divorce is on your agenda and there are considerably more assets than when you were first married, consider the following information about divorce mediation

Alternative to divorce litigation 

Mediation is a process that enables couples to work out their differences and negotiate their divorce settlements. It only works if you and your partner commit to resolving your child custody, marital property and other divorce concerns amicably and through negotiation

How it works 

During mediation, you and your legal counsel and any financial experts you have on your side meet with a mediator and your soon-to-be ex-spouse’s divorce team. The mediator listens to both your concerns and helps you both work out what is fair. Any settlement you and your partner come up with during mediation needs the approval of the courts. If the courts do not approve of it, you have the option of going through mediation again or proceeding to litigation. 

Preserves divorce goals 

Mediation gives you more control and freedom over your settlement structure. Instead of having to rely on a judge to decide which marital assets are yours and what is to happen with your kids, you and your former partner dictate the terms of your separation. 

You may not enjoy the thought of having to work with your ex-spouse during the separation process, but doing so can save time and money while preserving privacy.

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