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Three ways to protect your business in a Georgia divorce

One of the most frightening things business owners hear from their spouses is, "I want a divorce." Even business owners who also desire a divorce often avoid such an action because they fear losing the business they worked so hard to build. A business divorce may indeed put your company at risk. However, there are several actions you can take to help you avoid the loss of your business should divorce enter the picture.

Your business could be at risk during your divorce

You ran your business alone while you were married, but now that you're going through a divorce, you're worried that your spouse will try to reap the benefits of what you sowed. Of course, in the past, you never believed that your spouse would try to take what you worked so hard for, but with the animosity they've shown you recently, you're scared that they'll do anything they can to ruin you.

'Uncoupling' online: Divorce in the digital age

In the past, a divorce probably didn't feel "real" until one spouse moved out of the marital home and started living somewhere else. These days, however, a divorce doesn't feel real to many people until at least one of the spouses changes his or her Facebook status to "single."

Creative solutions might help to resolve child custody cases

Your parenting plan is the document that you should turn to when you have questions about what rights and responsibilities you and your ex each have for your children. This plan isn't always easy to understand but you should do your best so that you can ensure you are always compliant with the terms. We know that you might want to have some say in how the plan is set up. We can work with you to make your wishes are known.

When a co-parent routinely violates child custody orders

You probably do not need anyone to tell you that it can be complicated to divorce with young children. Once you and your ex have completed the process and put child custody orders into place, you might think your troubles are over. In many cases, this is true, but other times, one or both parents continue to experience complications.

Are you entitled to rehabilitative alimony?

Spousal support is a form of financial maintenance that can help one spouse have a more stable financial situation after a divorce. For example, if you are not working due to caring for the home and children, your spouse may need to pay spousal support while you try to find work, go back to school or raise your children without time to work.

Know the terms of your parenting plan to remain compliant

Knowing the contents of your child custody order can save you a lot of time down the road. There are different things that you need to check out in the agreement. One of these is the schedule that the children will follow. Normally, there is a general schedule that you will follow most of the year. There is also other information about holidays and special days. All of these should be followed exactly as they are written.

Do you need a forensic accountant on your divorce team?

Divorcing the person you thought you would spend the remainder of your life with is often very emotional. However, setting aside the emotional aspect, divorce is primarily about dividing up assets and debts. Before the two of you officially go your separate ways, you will need to figure out who is going to keep what and how you plan to handle any outstanding debts you or your former partner currently face.

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