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Spousal support decisions benefit from careful consideration

On Behalf of | Mar 30, 2019 | Spousal Support |

Regardless of whether you expect to pay or to receive spousal support in your divorce agreement, it is wise to think carefully on this topic. In divorces involving high-assets, it is especially important to give these financial issues careful consideration. While no one wants unfair treatment, you can make the best case for yourself by learning about the alimony laws in your state.

We believe a great way to think about spousal support is by putting yourself in the court’s shoes. What factors do Georgia divorce courts consider when making alimony determinations? By looking at your divorce as a family court judge might, you may be able to head off possible conflicts before they occur.

For example, we typically encourage the higher-earning spouse to look objectively at the other spouse’s financial situation. After the divorce, will he or she be able to maintain the current standard of living enjoyed by both spouses? If not, then it is wise to remain open to paying a bit more alimony than you may have expected. This can help you avoid costly divorce conflicts while making you look agreeable to the court.

On the other hand, what if your spouse’s earnings are comparable to your own? In such situations, your spouse may be able to maintain his or her standard of living without your assistance. Understanding these factors beforehand enables you and your attorney to develop a sound strategy proving that your spouse does not need permanent or temporary alimony.

Our Atlanta-based attorneys are here for you if you need additional guidance on negotiating a fair spousal support agreement. You can also continue studying our website if you want to learn more about alimony and divorce.

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