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Know how Georgia’s laws affect your high-asset divorce

On Behalf of | May 29, 2019 | High-asset Divorce |

Any high-asset divorce has the potential to cause conflict. Both parties have a lot to lose, so it makes sense that they may fight tooth and nail to keep all they can.

While going through this kind of divorce, it’s important to know how living in Georgia could affect your case. You are not in a community property state, so the first thing that is affected is your right to property. Yes, you do have a right to your marital property, but the percentage of property you’re entitled to isn’t necessarily going to be 50-50.

In an equitable-distribution state like Georgia, the amount you receive will be based on factors such as need and how much you invested into your marriage. Your health, how long you were married and how assets were purchased also play a role in whether or not you’ll keep them after the divorce.

In a high-asset divorce, you and your spouse should attempt to be civil. Doing so gives you both the best chance of walking away with what you need and can agree on sharing, instead of dragging your divorce out in court. If you can’t agee, you could spend much more time and money on your divorce than either of you would like.

Our site has more information on high-asset divorce and what you need to do to protect yourself and your interests during the divorce process. With the right attitude and armed with information, you can help resolve your divorce and do what’s necessary to protect your financial investments and future without your spouse.

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