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The importance of having separate accounts to preserve privacy

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One matter that quickly goes out the window in many Atlanta divorce situations, especially those involving wealthy couples, is privacy. It is not always easy to move on once it is time to separate shared assets and establish individual accounts to protect personal information. Things can become increasingly more difficult when there seems like there is no shortage of rumors and misinformation afoot once friends and family learn that the relationship is over. 

Though most couples keep matters concerning their marriage private, the moment one party files for divorce, privacy is lost. Divorce is a legal proceeding that can result in the most intimate and trivial details about the relationship and finances becoming fodder for the public, especially when one party is more focused on personal gain. To keep uninvolved parties from finding out personal and private information and starting drama during the discovery process that could result in an adverse divorce settlement, do not overlook this crucial caveat in the divorce process. 

Stop sharing computers and digital accounts with the spouse 

Many couples share digital, bank and other types of accounts for convenience. Not all spouses play nice and fair once the marriage is over. Some resort to using hidden programs to monitor their partner’s activity and gain access to accounts to use for their own purposes, which include sabotaging claims to assets to keep the other spouse from getting what she or may be rightfully entitled to. Some parties lock their exes out of the accounts to keep them from tracking activity and to prevent them from getting supporting documentation that could indicate hidden assets and financial deception. To prevent unauthorized access and protect personal information, couples should refrain from sharing computers and establish their own accounts with new passwords. 

Once a person files for separation, everything from allegations of abuse, cheating, hidden assets and debts to bad behavior become court record. The courts decide on a case-by-case basis which information is pertinent and admissible to finalize the divorce and determine the settlement.

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