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Professionals you may want to have on your divorce team

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It is a common expectation that couples will use attorneys in a divorce. Having individual legal representation even in an amicable split is beneficial to ensuring the process goes correctly, quickly and fairly.

However, lawyers are not the only important people in a divorce. You may find other professionals useful in your case, especially if you have multiple, complex assets.

Business valuator

Businesses are often the most complicated assets to divide in a divorce. The best outcome requires the most accurate assessment of the company’s value, which a business valuator can do. Each spouse can choose one, and each valuator’s result may be different from the other’s due to the various ways to value a business and because of the numerous factors involved in the equation. The valuators have to convince the judge why their assessment is the most accurate. 

Forensic accountant

Do you suspect your spouse is hiding assets from you or being financially dishonest in some other way? If so, you should hire a forensic accountant to look into the matter. These financial professionals analyze records and valuate assets with the focus of finding discrepancies and other red flags.


Not all divorces must include court battles. You can try mediation, which is an alternative dispute resolution. You meet together with a neutral facilitator who helps you decide your own terms of divorce. It can work for all areas or just some, and it can be effective in high-asset situations despite popular belief. You still retain separate legal counsel to ensure the final document is thorough and fair.


While the financial aspect of the divorce may be your primary concern, it is important not to ignore the emotional consequences of this event, as they can influence the choices you make during the process. Seeing a therapist can give you the strength, clarity and civility needed to endure this difficult time and make smart long-term decisions, especially if you have a vengeful spouse.

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