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Mediation preserves privacy in divorce

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Divorcing parents should do all that they can to shield their children from the harsher realities of the split. However, because divorce proceedings are public records, no matter how circumspect the parents may be, there is always a risk — either now or in the future — that the kids could become privy to the details of their parents’ divorce.

One good way to lessen the risk of prying eyes reviewing the more salacious or just private aspects of your divorce is to mediate rather than litigate it. Below are some clear advantages to mediation.

Less adversarial process

Divorce plays havoc on a couple’s already fractured relationship. The process can be brutal and the revelations can damage the co-parenting relationship going forward for years to come. Nobody wants that.

It’s easier on the kids

Don’t think for a minute that even very young children don’t experience the tension and conflict their parents go through during a divorce. Kids are like little sponges, very susceptible to picking up on their parents’ moods and emotions. They may internalize the conflict and believe wrongly that they are its source. This can create all sorts of ongoing behavioral issues for the kids.

Because mediation is far less adversarial, there is less chance for the children to sense discord and animosity in their parents’ relationships with one another.

The neutrality of mediation is a draw

During divorce, it can be difficult to get out of your own way and seek the solution that is best for the children. But professional mediators have no dog in the fight, so they are able to coolly and calmly assess the situation and keep the participants focused on positive outcomes.

Blame has no place in mediation

In mediation, there is no process for assigning blame for the marriage breaking down. The outcome-oriented process is devoid of finger-pointing. Instead, the focus remains collaborating on the best solutions for rearing the children as co-parents.

Conflicts are minimized

With your mediator’s help, you and your soon-to-be ex can develop sufficient communication skills to allow you to convey the necessary information about the kids to one another. If you aren’t in a good enough place to talk via phone or face-to-face, the mediator can recommend special apps that allow for child-focused communications.

Are you ready to try something new?

Rehashing the past doesn’t work, but trying to forge a brand new path as divorced parents can preserve and encourage mutual respect between former spouses. Learn more about how mediation can be superior to divorce here in Atlanta.

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