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How can you split extra expenses with your ex?

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2020 | High-asset Divorce |

Co-parenting can be great for children but it can also come with financial questions. Regardless of how amicable your divorce is, how do you split up the extra expenses for your children? These expenses are outside of the essential expenses. For instance, say that your child needs money for a new sports’ uniform or wants to go on a trip with his or her friends.

U.S. News has some tips on how to co-parent and split the finances amicably. Ask yourself three questions.

Do you have a system?

Sometimes it helps to follow the court’s direction. The court will generally lay out a plan for child support and you should follow that with extra expenses too. For instance, if your spouse makes less than you and has a lesser obligation of child support, you may ask for a lesser obligation to the extra expense for the children.

Are you communicating?

After a divorce, communication may be difficult but it is even more important when you share children. Be open to hearing your former spouse’s point of view when it comes to financial obligations. If you discuss the idea of splitting expenses in advance, your ex may be more likely to discuss the options with you. When you demand or react passive aggressively, you are less likely to have a fair outcome.

Are your kids top priority?

Too often, parents can devolve into thinking financial issues are about them. When it comes to your children, remember their happiness. Be careful not to talk about financial issues too often with your children. If you are upset about the financial situation, your child should never feel like he or she is at fault.

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