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When can I start dating after divorce?

On Behalf of | Jul 22, 2020 | Divorce |

The idea of getting into another relationship after your divorce may be something that worries you. Many people are unsure of how to navigate new romance when they end their marriage, and then there are some people who do not take the time to ensure it is the right decision.

If you wonder when is the best time to start dating again, then you are taking the time to consider how it may impact your family and what is best for you, which is a good indicator that you understand it will not be an easy task. According to Good Housekeeping, one of the best rules about dating after divorce is to wait until your divorce is final.

Finalize your divorce

It is a smart idea to completely end one relationship before you get into another, which means not even thinking about dating until you have your final divorce decree. After your marriage is legally over, you can then begin to move on, but trying to date during your divorce will only add to the stress. It could also bring up issues that you will have to deal with concerning your family and your former spouse.

Take time to heal

Only you will know when the time is right to start dating again. You should be honest with yourself about your motives for looking for another partner. Make sure you take time to mourn the loss of your marriage. Take time to accept yourself as a single person. Do not start dating until you have accepted that you are ready to move on from your former spouse and have the ability to emotionally invest in someone new. For some people, this will happen shortly after the divorce, but for others, it can take a year or more.

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