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How do you plan on handling your divorce at the office?

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You told your children and closest friends about your divorce. These are the only individuals you feel you want to share the news with, but is there someone else?

Learn why and how to tell your boss about your marital split. Expect your legal situation to affect your job, which is why you should get ahead of any negative effect you may endure in the office.

Share the facts with your supervisor or manager

When you let your company know about your divorce, do not dive into the details. Just let your manager or supervisor know about the life event and whether you need to take time off for court dates or meetings with your lawyer. By telling your manager, she or he can plan and adjust your work schedule accordingly.

Another reason to share the news with your supervisor is in case your work performance takes a dip in the weeks and months ahead. Divorce can wear on you emotionally and mentally more than you realize, and you do not want to risk disciplinary action because you did not let your boss in on the news.

Determine if you need an income boost

Something else to discuss with your manager is a potential raise or promotion. Depending on your financial obligations during and after divorce, your current income may be insufficient, even if you receive alimony.

Touch bases with HR

After your boss, head to HR and let them know about your divorce. Besides sharing the news, ask how your split affects your pension or retirement plan, health insurance policy, tax withholding and life or disability coverage. At the end of the divorce process, you may need to submit new paperwork to HR to reflect your single status.

Tell the right office personnel about your divorce. Rather than worry about the office rumor mill, focus on protecting yourself.

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