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Man arrested for murder in child custody dispute

On Behalf of | Sep 7, 2020 | Child Custody |

It goes without saying that few issues related to family law in Georgia stir up as much emotion as custody matters. Indeed, the emotions one may feel towards their partners (and the breakdown of their relationships) is often reasonably matched by the continued love they feel for their children. 

This excess of emotion can often lead to rash action during a child custody dispute. Some might say that they have no fear of their children’s other parent harming them or the kids simply because it is not in their nature. Yet sadly, the rash action mentioned earlier can sometimes include violent actions many might not anticipate. 

Accident probe prompts murder investigation

A recent tragic case involving a custody dispute in Connecticut serves to illustrate this point. Per the Hartford Daily Voice, law enforcement authorities reported responding to what they believed to be the scene of a car accident. Upon arrival, however, they found the accident victim to have injuries more consistent with that of an assault. The woman later died from those injuries. A subsequent investigation led to the arrest of the father of the victim’s son. He now faces charges for both murder and risk of injury to a child. 

Finding protection from domestic violence

Domestic violence may contribute to the breakdown of a relationship or it may surface after the conclusion of one. In any event, one need not continue to suffer from it (or the fear or threat of it). There are legal and community resources in place offering one protection. Oftentimes the only reason why one has not taken advantage of them is a simple lack of knowledge of their existence. Having access to reliable legal help might help bring the existence of those resources to light. 

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