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How can mediation benefit you emotionally?

On Behalf of | Dec 4, 2020 | Divorce |

Many people know divorces as contentious events where spouses fight it out over everything from who gets custody of the children to who should have the family home. If you see the end of your marriage is in sight, you may want to avoid such a spectacle if only for your psychological well-being. This is where mediation may make a difference.

Taking your divorce to mediation may spare you a lot of the acrimony that comes with a divorce trial. U.S. News and World Report explains a few reasons why mediation may help you come out of the divorce in a healthier emotional state.

You are under less pressure

Since a court trial entails greater expenses, you will likely want to get the trial over with as soon as you can. This can create a pressure cooker situation where your emotions flare up while you try to settle with your spouse. You might become desperate enough to surrender possessions and rights just to get it over with.

In a mediation setting, you may feel more relaxed with your time. The atmosphere of mediation can be more helpful to fostering compromise and agreement. You can also bring in experts who understand your situation and help you come to a solution.

You help craft the agreement

You might feel resentment if a judge imposes a divorce settlement on you. You may not like the terms of the solution or you may just feel that the settlement is not worthy of your respect since you did not craft it. If you go through mediation, you will have a hand in coming up with an agreement that you and your spouse can live with. You may be more willing to stick with the agreement as a result.

You leave your spouse on better terms

If you can work out your divorce settlement rather than hashing it out in court, you may feel better towards your ex-spouse since the divorce did not create so much turmoil. This can be especially important if you have children and need to share custody with your ex. It can also help if you and your former spouse have the same circle of friends and you want to maintain ties with them.


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