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What do you think of dating while getting a divorce?

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Perhaps you feel ready to move on with your love life, although you have not finalized your divorce in Georgia. Should you date during divorce?

Explore the issue with insights from Divorce Magazine. Determine if you could jeopardize your marital split by seeing other people.

Your kids may not like your new romantic interest

If you have shared kids with your soon-to-be-ex, they may need time to come to terms with their parents breaking up. By dating during divorce and introducing a new partner into your kids’ lives, you risk your kids never accepting this new person. Further, if you date too soon, your children may get the impression that the new person brought about the divorce.

Those closest to you may look at you differently

Your friends and family may have a hard time accepting the person you date, especially if your former spouse grew close to your loved ones. Relatives and friends may conceal their concern or confusion, affecting your interactions and potentially your relationship with them.

You may inadvertently endanger your divorce settlement

Could your ex-spouse put up a fight for the divorce settlement if she or he learns about your dating life? You may face a tiresome, expensive battle if your former partner grows jealous, angry or bitter about your new relationship.

Your financial health may take a hit

Maybe you already know the full financial cost of divorce. Now think back to the expenses involved with dating. By waiting before seeing other people, you may put yourself in a better financial position post-divorce.

Think twice about becoming involved with a romantic interest before finalizing your divorce. Focusing on one thing at a time may represent your most favorable option.

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