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Should you rely on court monitored communication?

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2021 | Divorce |

When you are going through your divorce, the last thing you need is harassment from your partner. Unfortunately, this is a major concern for many individuals. Though there are many ways you can go about limiting harassment through contact, monitored communication is an up-and-coming force.

Court-monitored communication in particular has many advantages. But should you rely on it?

The varied benefits

Mashable discusses court-monitored communication, used as a tool during divorce. In these situations, the court acts as a third party privy to your conversations with your partner. A court my order you to use an app specifically designed for this purpose and disallow you to communicate with your partner through any other method of contact.

This has many advantages. First, it allows the court to keep an eye on you, which often lowers or even entirely eliminates harassment right off the bat. After all, if the court is watching, you know that anything you say can end up used against you in your legal battles. This is especially meaningful for parents, who often risk custody or visitation rights and arrangements.

Some apps also show the location of the texter at the time they send a message. This sometimes helps individuals dealing with concerns of stalking, as it lets you know where your spouse is when they message you.

Potential privacy concerns

At the same time, apps like these often bring up concerns for privacy. On top of that, having your location shown to your partner may also cause some anxiety and stress, as it may allow them to keep tabs on you and monitor you.

If you want to know more about these apps and court-monitored communication, talk to your legal help.

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