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How do you navigate divorce at work?

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After telling your children, close friends and family about your divorce, you want to return to your normal routine while finishing the divorce process. Should you tell your boss and select co-workers about dissolving your marriage?

Fast Company shares which personnel to share your news with. You do not have to let everyone in the office know about your divorce, but you should meet with a few people to protect your career and income.

Tell your boss

Because you may need to miss work to meet with your legal representative or appear in court, let your boss or supervisor know about your divorce. Another reason to share the news with a supervisor or manager is that you may not perform at your peak while adjusting to such a major life event. You do not want lackluster productivity to jeopardize your position.

Let HR know

If your soon-to-be-former spouse’s name appears on your health insurance, retirement or pension plan, you likely want to remove it. Rather than waiting, get the ball rolling now. Speak with an HR representative to understand which forms to file or change. Do not forget to ask about your new tax obligations and situation as a newly single person.

Cultivate your career carefully

Changes brought about by divorce may ripple through other areas of your life, including your career. For now, do not make major career or money moves, such as rejecting a promotion or raise or quitting your job to get out of paying alimony or child support or to receive more alimony or child support.

You have a lot of decisions to make in various areas of your life while going through a divorce. By understanding how ending your marriage affects your job, career and income, you remain in control of your future.

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