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How does a high-conflict divorce affect kids?

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When your Georgia marriage falls apart, it may be because one of you cheated or otherwise broke the trust of the other party. It may also result from the two of you coming to the realization that you are no longer compatible. Emotions often run high during divorces, and if you and your ex find yourselves engaged in a high-conflict split, your children may suffer because of it.

Per Psychology Today, conflicts between parents tend to have negative impacts on children, regardless of whether you and the other parent are in a marriage or divorce.

How high-conflict splits impact children

Kids whose parents go through highly acrimonious splits may be more prone to anxiety and depression than their peers. However, try not to feel too guilty about your decision to divorce. Research shows that kids actually suffer more and experience more behavioral or mental health issues when their parents in high-conflict relationships stay together, as opposed to parting ways.

How to minimize the impact of a high-conflict split

Research suggests that you may be able to minimize your own stress, and that of your children, by creating a formal parenting plan that dictates what you and your former spouse agree to when it comes to raising your child. Parenting plans often help parents co-parent more successfully. You may, too, want to avoid making your child feel as if he or she must choose between the two of you. You may also want to remind your son or daughter that your split is not his or her fault.

You may find that, by speaking to a therapist or otherwise addressing your own emotions, you might further reduce the stress and strain your child feels amid your split.

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