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What happens with health insurance during divorce?

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2021 | Divorce |

There is a range of important things you need to think about when you divorce. It is a messy process to untangle your life from your spouse. It is easy to overlook some key points as you go through the process.

WebMD suggests considering what will happen with your health insurance upon your divorce since it is so common for one spouse to carry insurance for the family. While your spouse may continue to provide for your children, your divorce will usually bump you off the policy.

Look at alternatives

Your first step should be to consider your options. You may be able to get COBRA. It depends on the situation. COBRA could allow you to keep your current health insurance for up to 36 months.

One thing to note, though, is this insurance is expensive because you have to pay the full cost, including the employer’s portion. You may not be able to afford coverage once your divorce is final and you are living on one income.

Another option is to check about insurance through your own employer. While it may not be as good as your spouse’s, it will let you maintain coverage of some type, and it will likely be less expensive than COBRA.

You can check the marketplace as well to see if there is another insurer that can provide you coverage at a more affordable rate.

Make it part of your settlement

You could also include insurance coverage as part of your divorce agreement. If the court orders your spouse maintains insurance on you, then you will be able to keep your coverage.

Keeping your health insurance is something you may never think about when divorcing, but it is one of those things you really should consider before finalizing your divorce.

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