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How can you deal with a difficult co-parent?

On Behalf of | Jan 28, 2022 | Child Custody |

Trying to control your own temper while discussing sensitive child care issues with someone attempting to irritate you can make you feel frustrated.

Learning about ways to deal with a co-parent who is unpredictable and rude can help you take better care of your children.

Check your reactions

According to Psychology Today, one way to avoid an escalation of emotions is to learn to calm yourself before you get overwhelmed. Taking deep breaths or politely walking away from the situation can stop an argument before it starts.

Taking time to notice what specific topics make you and your ex-spouse both upset can help you next time you discuss sensitive matters, especially important ones like your children’s health care or schooling.

Leave the past behind

One impulse you may have is to bring up old arguments with your ex-spouse regarding your marriage. He or she may frequently reference problems in the past, even if the discussion has nothing to do with those issues.

In order to combat this, focus on the future and let the old arguments go. Think about what events and milestones your children will reach and how you can be there for them when they happen.

Keep it simple

If you are constantly getting into fights with your co-parent, then you may need to focus on the facts of the situation instead of getting distracted. Typing out important messages to him or her through text or emails can help you edit what you want to say and avoid getting pulled into another argument.

Learning how to deal with a difficult co-parent can be both strenuous and rewarding.

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