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Paying child support by credit card

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2022 | Divorce |

If you are approaching divorce as someone with a high net worth and you have kids, you could have to focus on child support. Moreover, there are a number of life changes that can come up which necessitate another look at child support issues years after getting divorced. Aside from understanding how courts award child support (or the possibility of modifying a child support order), you could have to review different ways to make child support payments.

Many parents have child support withheld from their wages by employers. However, some people have to find other ways to pay support. For example, some people pay support via credit card.

Making credit card payments for child support

In Georgia, the Division of Child Support Services states that you can pay child support via credit card using the state’s portal. As a non-custodial parent who owes support, you should note that paying support this way will generate fees, including a Family Support Registry (FSR) fee as well as a credit card convenience fee.

Processing times and other child support considerations

If you pay support online with your card, the state will generally process them in two business days. However, payments over $2,500 can take ten calendar days to post to your account. Make sure you factor in processing times and fees in order to avoid falling behind on the support you owe.

Entrepreneurs and wealthy individuals who do are not typical W-2 employees often have unique child support concerns. Whether your income fluctuates or you worry about an unfair child support order, you need to address these matters carefully.

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