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Three costly divorce planning mistakes

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2022 | Family Law |

There is a lot at stake in any divorce, but high-asset couples face unique and complicated challenges.

As a party to a divorce, you want to avoid making critical errors that negatively impact your emotional and financial well-being.

1. Acting out of spite

When your marriage is beyond repair, you may feel hurt or bitter about the circumstances. You may have the instinct to lash out and get revenge via the divorce proceedings. Your feelings are normal and understandable. However, your therapist’s office may be a more appropriate venue for working through these issues than the family court system. Being vindictive and attempting to argue over each detail in court can cost you time, money and unnecessary pain.

2. Hiding assets

When sorting out the details of the divorce settlement, the law requires you to disclose all your assets. If your split is especially contentious, you may not want your former spouse to receive an equitable share. While it might be tempting to hide assets, it is not wise, and your ex’s legal team is likely to uncover your deceit.

3. Giving up too much

The stress of separation takes its toll, and you may wish to get it all over with as soon as possible. Settling may seem like the easy way out, but rushing into a legally binding agreement can backfire when you realize the terms are unfavorable.

Whether you have a little or a lot to lose, understanding the Georgia family court process can help you prevent making mistakes in your divorce.

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