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What are some hidden signs of parental alienation?

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2022 | Family Law |

In the months or weeks following a divorce, you may begin to notice odd reactions from your children.

An increase in anger and bad behavior can make you wonder if parental alienation is to blame. Your co-parent may try to negatively influence your children, and knowing the signs of this problem can help you.

Secretive behavior

According to Psychology Today, a co-parent trying to alienate you may tell your children lies and attempt to hide this information from you. Sharing private information about your life and the divorce can make your children nervous to talk to you, since your co-parent may try to portray you as an uncaring parent.

In some cases, you may not get invitations to school meetings or activities, which can harm your bond with your children. Your co-parent may throw away the papers or just purposefully not tell you before the event happens.

Sudden negative reactions

If your children have nothing but rude or negative things to say about you or your side of the family, then your co-parent may be to blame. One subtle sign of alienation is when a child feels angry toward one parent but cannot explain why or give a solid reason when asked. When asked, they may swear that no one told them to feel this way, even if your co-parent has contributed to this issue.

Similar phrases

Hearing similar words or insults that your co-parent uses coming from your children can signal that he or she is talking about you in a negative way. Your children may repeat what they hear word for word, even if they do not fully know what those phrases mean.

Learning about these signs of parental alienation can help you take steps to combat it.

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