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The risks of posting on Facebook during your divorce

On Behalf of | May 12, 2022 | Divorce |

When a marriage falls apart, it is an emotionally charged experience. The desire to outwardly express feelings of anger can be overwhelming.

Social media grants the opportunity for everyone to speak their minds. Facebook, in particular, acts as a megaphone for anything someone wishes to mention. Thus, refrain from mentioning your soon-to-be-ex on the platform during your divorce.

Postings become evidence

Whatever you put online is usable against you in a court of law. You are bound to regret negative comments about the person you are leaving. Imagine how a family court judge will view the words coming from your fingertips. If a court is likely to have negative feelings about such language, keep it offline.

Postings can spread

It is possible to block individuals from reading what you upload. Even when you do this, there is no guarantee they will not wind up seeing your post. Some who can still access your newsfeed are likely to feel sympathy toward the target of your ire. Under such circumstances, they might decide to share what you say through screenshots.

Postings are misinterpretable

Even benign content can become a disadvantage. Vacation videos might spur the accusation you are hiding assets. Images of cocktail drinking could support a suggestion of alcoholism. Such an assertion has the potential to threaten custody arrangements. By not posting anything, you make these scenarios impossible.

Facebook is fun because it acts as a megaphone for social interaction. For this same reason, it presents peril when dissolving your marriage. Avoiding the social network until your divorce is final remains a wise choice.

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