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Benefits of mediation in divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 17, 2022 | Family Law |

Ending a marriage is a complex process as you sort through custody issues and make decisions about the division of your property.

Mediation is a voluntary process available as an alternative to a typical divorce in a courtroom. You work with a trained mediator who helps to resolve conflicts and reach solutions that work for all parties. There are many benefits to choosing mediation over divorce.

Your finances stay private

If your divorce ends up in court, it becomes a public process. The details of your finances and anything else you wish to keep private become public knowledge. In contrast, mediation is confidential. All decisions about the division of your property and assets stay between you, your ex and the mediator. No records, documents or written information used during your mediation becomes part of a public record.

You retain more control

Mediation aims to resolve issues and make decisions that work for both sides. You may not always get your way, and you may have to make compromises, but you do have a say in the final outcome. When divorce cases go to court, a judge makes all decisions for you.

You can preserve relationships

By staying out of the courtroom and avoiding the temptation to attack each other, mediation improves the chance of preserving a positive relationship with your ex and their family. This is highly beneficial in cases where you need to continue co-parenting with your ex.

Mediation often resolves divorce much faster than a typical court case. Without having to adhere to the schedule of the court, you meet with your mediator at a time and place that is convenient for you.

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