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How does mediation differ from a divorce?

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Mediation covers the same issues as a traditional divorce, but without a lengthy court procedure. Instead of going to court, two soon-to-be ex-spouses meet with a skilled mediator to dissolve their marriage. As noted by GoBankingRates.com, mediation sessions may take place outside of a courtroom.

While a courtroom divorce requires two attorneys, mediation resolves differences through one mediator. As a neutral and objective negotiator, the mediator works with couples to reach an agreement through diplomatic means. You could schedule as many meetings as necessary to reach meaningful outcomes without the influence of your spouse’s lawyer or a divorce-court judge.

Which issues may I negotiate through a mediator?

Mediators have the required experience to discuss plans for couples to divide their property and decide on child custody issues. Under Georgia’s statutes, couples must agree on splitting their marital assets fairly between them.

Reader’s Digest reports that when spouses cannot divide their property, a judge may split assets based on each spouse’s age, health or income. If you have children, the judge may consider their needs when deciding which spouse takes ownership of property. In some child custody cases, spouses may require alimony or child support. Through mediation, you could negotiate a payment arrangement that meets your or your children’s needs.

How much support may an individual receive through mediation?

SmartAsset.com notes that Georgia’s statutes do not have a predetermined formula for calculating alimony. Requesting alimony through the court could result in payments based on a judge’s opinion. The judge may review what each spouse contributed to the marriage when ordering alimony. Mediation, however, could assist in setting up financial support arrangements that reflect a household’s unique circumstances.

Couples choosing mediation may find it less stressful than a courtroom trial. If you wish to take your time and divorce without pressure, mediation may offer a workable approach.

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